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The vast amount of agricultural data collected through remote sensing, IoT devices, and other sources, brings new huge opportunities, allowing the definition of applications using complex AI strategies and architectures. The role of AI and ML in agriculture continues to evolve, with ongoing research and development effort aimed at filling the gap between the two. These technologies empower both farmers and decision-makers with valuable insights and tools to optimise farming practices, increase yields, reduce costs, and promote environmental stewardship.

Through agriculture, food security and eradicating hunger is possible. It favors employment and economic opportunities. Agriculture’s environmental impact connects with different SDGs, allowing also optimised water usage and reducing pollution. Also, resilient food systems and urban agriculture connects to sustainable cities and communities. The interconnectedness of agriculture with various sustainability goals highlights the importance of integrating sustainable practices into the agricultural sector.

However, with great opportunities come great challenges:

  • Data Availability and Quality
  • Data Integration and Fusion
  • Domain Expertise and Interpretability
  • Scalability and Transferability
  • Computational Resources and Infrastructures
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations
  • Adoption and Acceptance

To overcome these challenges interdisciplinary collaborations, capacity-building initiatives, investment in infrastructure, data sharing mechanisms and policy support are essential! AI4Copernicus answers these question through the Open Calls.

Info for VCs – Agriculture