AI4Copernicus aims to create an open, inclusive and sustainable “AI-EO innovation cycle” by creating open calls. Trying to bridge the gap between AI- & data-driven innovation and providing economic, social & environmental benefits, AI4Copernicus will distribute €2 million equity-free among individuals, start-ups and SMEs. Mainly oriented in the fields of Health, Security, Energy, Agriculture & different Industrial domains.

Watch below the speed info webinars AI4Copernicus café in regards to open calls that answer to the following questions:

  • Where is the demand and how can we improve production (using AI and Copernicus data)
  • Ideas and proposed solutions
  • How to apply for the AI4Copernicus funding
  • Successful proposal applications

Watch the AI4Copernicus café
focusing on Security

Watch the AI4Copernicus café
focusing on Energy

Watch the AI4Copernicus café
focusing on Agriculture

Watch AI4Copernicus café
focusing on Health