4th Open Call for Use Cases based on citizen-driven social challenges (deadline 30 April, 17.00 CEST)

Below you can download the relevant documents for the 4th round of Open Calls and for the following phases:

Proposal Submission

(Document that you need in order to write the proposal)

Award Phase

(Document that you need if your proposal is selected for funding)

>>> You can download all documents here <<<

Type of proposal: Use-Case (The end output of the Use-Cases should be at min TRL5)
Beneficiaries: Consortia of high-tech & at least 1 low-tech SME, startups, spin-offs
Funding: up to €150.000
(3-partner consortia), up to €120.000 (2-partner consortia) for each prototype (maximum amount per third party / per partner: up to €60.000) (3 prototypes to be funded)


Developing and testing AI technical solutions that address the selected citizen-driven societal challenges  by exploiting AI resources and Earth Observation Data focusing on any industrial domain.

The Social challenges identified by citizens are (alphabetically ordered):

Please note that each proposal should address one of these challenges.

  • Creating Digital Twins of remote territorial areas
  • Mapping Health Facilities
  • Monitoring Illegal Fishing
  • Optimizing Air Quality Footprint
  • Optimizing Waste Management
  • Predicting Economic Recessions
  • Predicting Fire Risk probability
  • Predicting Health Risks
  • Predicting Poverty
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) in cities
  • Reducing the overheating of urban spaces (Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect)


  • 4th open call Q1 2022 (February- April)
  • Submission Deadline: 30th April 2022
  • Selection: May/July 2022
  • Projects Acceleration: Aug 2022 – Nov 2023

Support program: 16 months acceleration

Services included:

  • AI4Copernicus resources & tools
  • Technical Mentoring
  • Business & Sustainability Mentoring
  • Certification /Trustmark

Results: 3 AI solutions to be to be published at AI4EU

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