2nd Open Call for citizen social challenges (deadline 31 October, 17.00 CEST)

Meet the 2nd Open Call winners!

Below you can download the relevant documents for the 2nd round of Open Calls and for the following phases:

Proposal Preparation

(Documents that you need in order to prepare the proposal)

Proposal Submission

(Document that you need in order to write the proposal)

Award Phase

(Document that you need if your proposal is selected for funding)

>>> You can download all documents here <<<

Type of proposal: Social Challenges
 Beneficiaries: individuals
 Total available EU funding: €10.000
 € 5k for each social challenge (2 social challenges to be funded)


Identifying, defining and addressing particular social problems/challenges that can be solved using Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation Data (1st Stage), by SMEs that will be selected in the 4th AI4Copernicus Open Call for Use-Cases (2nd Stage)

Prototypes: None

Type of beneficiaries: Individuals


  • 2nd open call Q3 2021 (Aug – Oct)
  • Submission Deadline: 31st October 2021, 17.00 CEST (CLOSED)
  • Selection: January 2022

Verticals: Any

Support program: Non-Applicable

Results: 2 citizen-driven social challenges