AI4Copernicus together with the ICT49 cluster of projects and the AI-on-Demand Platform are joining forces to organise the two-day event AI-on-Demand Community Forum: Empowering European AI Innovation, on 13 and 14 November 2023, in Bologna, Italy.

The two-day event is set to bring together a dynamic assembly of the European-funded projects that reinforce the AIoD community. These projects have continue to significantly contribute services and assets for the advancement of the European Artificial Intelligence Platform. The event will be a melting pot for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking, fostering the growth and evolution of AIoD technologies.

On the first day, the ICT49 cluster of projects will present the innovative services have been developed on the AIoD platform, while the second day will address the innovation and research initiatives propelled by the AIoD platform.

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