AI4Copernicus was represented by its coordinator, Dr Vangelis Karkaletsis at the AI4EU Stakelholder Forum in Bologna, Italy, on 9 and 10 December 2021. More specifically, Dr Karkaletsis introduced AI4Copernicus and participated in the discussion titled Exploitation Channels and Services of the AI on-demand Platform, together with other ICT49 sibling project representatives.

ICT49 was the European H2020 call on Artificial Intelligence on-demand platform and the ICT49 projects are the projects that resulted from this call. ICT49 projects, including AI4Copernicus, are: StairwAI, i-nergy, AIPlan4eu, BonsAPPs and DIH4AI.

The discussion explored the services and resources the AI on-demand platform has to offer, as well as its future services and offerings, and introducing AI4EU’s exploitation channels for project results and connecting with SMEs.

The AI4EU Stakeholder Forum in its final event, gathered European AI experts, researchers, innovators, and enthusiasts for two days 9-10 Dec 2021), in Bologna, Italy. The Forum showcased the results of the AI4EU project including its AI-on-demand platform and the ecosystems and the future possibilities of those in the coming years. The final event was held in hybrid format, offered a rich agenda with two major themes: Empowering SMEs with AI and the European AI Research Community.

Watch the video of the session here: