SatCen, the AI4Copernicus partner representing the security domain, co-organised the Big Data from Space Conference (BiDS 2021), along with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Joint Research Center (JRC).

Michele Lazzarini from SatCen was chairing the Machine Learning session whilst our project was introduced to the Space and Data communities during presentations “Exploring the climate-security nexus with spaceborne data” on 18 May by S. Albani and “Digital Twin Earth for Security: from data to information” on 20 May 2021 by P.Saameno. 

The 2021 virtual edition of the conference emphasised not only the insights that can be retrieved from Big Data from Space but also the exploitation of these insights for foresight, enhancing our capacity of prediction and anticipation, which is becoming increasingly important in all the domains, given the pace at which our world is changing.

The two papers that were presented described SatCen RTDI activities related to Climate Security and the Digital Twin Earth for Security, tailoring the use of Big Data from Space to Security domain. With these presentations, SatCen raised awareness about these two topics, which are becoming more and more important for stakeholders, and can be highly supported by space data, in particular Earth Observation sources and models.

The AI4Copernicus project, through the Open Calls mechanism, will provide funding up to €2M to develop relevant AI tools for the domains represented in the project (security, agriculture, health and energy), representing an excellent opportunity to leverage the development of advanced solutions in response to these topics of increasing interest for SatCen and, in general, for the security domain.