A couple of months before the end of the AI4Copernicus project, our partnership participated at the European Big Data Value Forum 2023 – EBDVF 2023 which will took place between 25-27 October 2023 in Valencia, Spain.

AI4Copernicus was represented by partners, Manolis Koubarakis, UoA and Michele Lazarrini, SATCEN, on Friday 27 October 2023, at 11.30 -12.30 CET with a dedicated session titled Bringing Copernicus data to the AI-on-demand Platform, while the AI4Europe project also participated in this session represented by Denia Kanellopoulou, NCSR-D.

More specifically, the session presented the results of the Horizon 2020 project AI4Copernicus, which aims to bridge the European Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation ecosystems by making the AI-on-Demand Platform, the digital environment of choice for users of Copernicus data.

The session (60 minutes) was organised as follows:

  • Introduction to the session (Manolis Koubarakis, 5 minutes)
  • The AI-on-Demand platform (Denia Kanellopoulou, NCSR Demokritos, 10 minutes)
  • Bringing Copernicus data to the AI-on-demand platform: the project AI4Copernicus (Manolis Koubarakis,UoA 10 minutes)
  • Bootstrapping services and resources in AI4Copernicus and their role in developing Earth Observation Applications (Michele Lazzarini, SATCEN, 10 minutes)
  • EarthQA: A question answering engine for Earth observation data (Manolis Koubarakis, UoA 10 minutes)
  • Conclusions and discussion (All, 15 minutes)

About EBDVF 2023: The theme of the EBDVF 2023 is “Data and AI in Action: Sustainable impact and future realities”. The event brings together industry professionals, business developers, researchers and policy-makers from all over Europe and other regions of the world to advance policy actions, and industrial and research activities in the areas of Data and AI. The EBDVF 2023 will be a 3-day on-site event and it will take place in Valencia, Spain between Wednesday 25 – Friday 27 October. The overall program will include plenaries, high level panels and 4 parallel sessions.