In the context of GEO Week 2021, partner SatCen organised a side event on 26 November 2021 titled “EO as a key tool to ensure civil security for society” where AI4Copernicus, together with other SatCen ongoing R & I initiatives. to address security scenarios, was presented by Sergio Albani, Head of the Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI) Unit at SatCen.

The event focused on raising awareness of the importance of security as a global concept and on presenting how it is addressed within GEO.

Ensuring civil security is increasingly complex because of the emergent challenges of the last decades such as extreme events due to climate change (increasing the risk of natural geohazards and inducing events like migration), scarcity of resources (provoking geopolitical crises) and pandemics (driving decisions impacting on citizens’ lives). EO data, either alone or through their correlation with other kinds of information, are recognised as a key tool to monitor these global issues and to support the understanding of their consequences on human life patterns. 

More information about the conference here.