AI4Copernicus along with the others ICT-49 projects -BonsAPPs, StairwAI, I-NERGY, DIH4AI, AIPlan4EU- joined forces and brought together a world cafe around AI. The session titled AI across different sectors and regions in Europe – World Café was be held online on 13 October 2022 from 09:30 to 11:00 CET, in the context of the biggest annual Brussels-based event dedicated to cohesion policy: EU Regions Week 2022.

Watch the video of the event here.

During the webinar there was discussed:

  • Challenges and solutions in AI solution development and adoption
  • Available funding and support in AI 
  • Digital Innovation Hubs’ role in AI ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence can provide great value to businesses, public organisations and many more by transforming processes and enabling the implementation and development of new products and services. 

The session counted with the participation of cascade funding experts, AI Experts and researchers under a common agenda: 

Moderator: Iraklis Klampanos, Research Associate at NCSR DEMOKRITOS – AI4Copernicus project


  • Miguel De Prado, Speaker for Session 1 – Introduction to AI and use case examples – BonsAPPs (Bonseyes)
  • Urszula Sobek, Speaker for Session 2 – Overview of funding opportunities – StairwAI (FundingBox)
  • Izabela Zrazińska, Senior Project Manager – Moderated discussion with real use cases overcoming challenges in AI adoption and development in businesses – BonsAPPs (Fundingbox)
  • Mayte Carracedo, Co-Founder & Partnerships and Business development – Introducing DIHs as a channel to the regions- Project Coordinator I4MS – FundingBox