AI4Copernicus is organising a series of info webinars, where experts from the corresponding domains of the project like Energy, Security, Health and Agriculture, will provide useful information and tips concerning the AI4Copernicus Open Calls submission process. More specifically, four sessions will be held virtually, starting in May until September, with a duration of 30 minutes, each time in regard to a different domain.

The second AI4Copernicus café was held on 29 June 2021, at 15.00 CET. This session’s speaker was Michele Lazzarini, from partner SatCen, who provided information on Security.

Talk Title: The use of EO data for security and interconnected domains

Some of the topics that were discussed during the session:

  • SatCen and RTDI activities
  • The security concept
  • Expectations for AI4Copernicus open calls
  • SatCen bootstrapping services for open calls

Watch the video here:

Short bio: Michele Lazzarini has more than 15 years of experience in Earth Observation (EO) and the geospatial domain, with extensive expertise in technical and scientific activities carried out within international organisations, universities, and industry.

Today, Michele works in the RTDI (Research, Technology Development and Innovation) Unit at SatCen, aiming at keeping SatCen capabilities at the state-of-the-art. His activities, organised in work streams encompassing the whole data lifecycle, are mainly devoted to develop EO applications with the support of collateral data (e.g. geolocation, OSINT, AIS) and innovative technologies (e.g. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins). In RTDI is also very important to strength collaboration with other European and international entities (e.g. ESA and GEO), also exploring the interconnection of security with other domains (e.g. climate).

Find more information about Open Calls and watch the previous AI4Copernicus cafe on Energy here.