AI4Copernicus project has been invited to participate with a presentation in the SnapEarth Final Conference, on Monday 28 November 2022. SnapEarth is a project included in the Copernicus Ecosystem, with which AI4Copernicus aims at interacting with.

More specifically, Dr. Iraklis Klampanos, from partner NCSR Demokritos presented AI4Copernicus’ objectives and approach, while he mentioned the collaboration of the ICT49 cluster projects as one of the primary activities of AI4Copernicus.

The Final Conference of SnapEarth aims to present the results of the 36 months of the project. The final solutions for all SnapEarth services and the final demo of all services will be presented at this conference. At the Conference, solutions based on artificial intelligence using Earth Observation data as well as a tool for extracting semantic information about land cover from satellite images will be reviewed. In addition, the event aims to bring together all members of the SnapEarth consortium who were involved in the project aiming to present to the end-users of all services who will be invited, and also to potential clients and the EO community, the results of the project.