AI4Copernicus will be introduced during the annual event of EARSC, namely EXPANDEO, which takes place virtually on 16 and 17 June 2021. On the second day of the event, Dr Xenia Ziouvelou, of coordinating partner NCSR Demokritos, will present the project and its open calls in the session Artificial Intelligence for Data in Europe.

Registration for the event is free and available here:

Description: The explosive growth of data flows in recent years has made Artificial Intelligence an indispensable tool for data processing and analysis. This holds particularly true in Earth Observation (EO). The thousands of EO satellites expected to be launched in the next decade will generate petabytes of data, which will have to be converted into EO products by advanced data science methods and artificial intelligence (AI), such as machine learning. This integration of AI in EO presents a series of opportunities and challenges, as it not only requires access to large datasets and relevant machine learning skills but also substantial capital investments.

The workshop will gather a variety of stakeholders from European initiatives such as AI4EU, AI4Copernicus, AI4EO, who will discuss and share experiences on:

  • How to bridge the gap between the AI and EO communities
  • Novel AI methods converting satellite imagery into valuable EO products
  • New opportunities for businesses and science
  • Use-cases developed or tested by researchers, scientists and companies At the end a pitching session will provide short and to-the-point presentations from several European initiatives.

Tune in to meet AI and EO experts and learn the latest trends in the sector!