AI4Copernicus project was presented on two occasions, in the fourth edition of ESA Φ-week between 11 – 15 October 2021, which was organised by the European Space Agency.

More specifically, Mr Michele Lazzarini of partner SatCen presented AI4Copernicus in the side event under the title AI and Earth Observation: Efforts to bring build an ecosystem on Thursday 14 October, hosted by ΑΙ4ΕΟ. The AI4EO side event presented the main objectives and goals of the AI4EO initiative, as well as unveiled details of the first AI4EO challenge. More information here.

Additionally, project partner Sergio Albani, SatCen (WP5 Lead) gave a presentation in the side event titled “New Space Actors contribution to EO for Security” on Friday 15 October. Mr S. Albani introduced the outcomes of SatCen RTDI activities, highlighting the importance of cooperation and R&I initiatives, as AI4Copernicus, to address the current challenges in the Space and Security Domain. The session featured presentations from Institutions assisting intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental organisations in the fields of security and law enforcement, by providing services, training and capacity building, as well as from Industries on the latest innovation, with a high focus on developing analytics and AI tailored for EO data. More information here.