On 30 November 2021, partner SatCen participated in the AI4Copernicus Relays 2021, an event focussing on Security and Defence highlighting the interaction between EO and AI for a “safer world”. More specifically Mr. Sergio Albani of SatCen made a presentation titled View from Europe, at the round table addressing the AI & EO Challenges for security and Defence, where AI4Copernicus project was mentioned.

View the detailed programme here.

AI4Copernicus workshop 2021 was organised by the Copernicus Relays of Belgium (i.e. SkywinISSePSpacebel and VITO) and the Royal Military Academy. The AI4Copernicus day offered the opportunity to:

  • Review the latest technological developments in the use of AI for Earth Observation.
  • Get a better idea of the future challenges that Europe in general, the neighbouring countries in particular and especially Belgium will have to face in the field of security and defence.
  • Witness some examples of safety and security related achievements crossing demands and challenges with already existing technological implementations.
  • Imagine further cooperation between Belgian actors.