AI4Copernicus together with sibling projects – ICT49 projects: AIPlan4EUBonsAPPsDIH4AII-NERGY and StairwAI – and supported by AI4Europe, and this time by the European Digital SME Alliance, co-organised the second webinar titled Discover AI Solutions and Support for Implementation on 5 July 2022, 12.00-13.00 CEST. Anyone who’s interested in finding out how AI-solutions can be applied across different sectors and what support is offered for implementation of such AI solutions, can watch the video below:

The second ICT49 webinar Discover AI Solutions and Support for Implementation was about:

  • What the AI-on-demand (AIoD) platform and the ICT-49 projects are
  • AI use cases across different sectors (Manufacturing, Security, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Mobility, the Public Sector)
  • How the ICT-49 projects can support you with the development and implementation of AI solutions
  • How Digital Innovation Hubs can support you
  • How to unlock the potential of AI, the key to adopting new technologies and getting your project off the ground
AI4Copernicus: Richard Barre, Humanitywatch

About ICT49 projects cluster: ICT49 was the European H2020 call on Artificial Intelligence on demand platform. This topic builds on the AI-on-demand-platform platform funded in ICT26-2018-20. The AI-on-demand-platform acts as a reference access point gathering and providing access to AI-related knowledge, algorithms and tools, related infrastructures, equipment, and data resources. It also offers experts support to potential users of AI in order to facilitate the integration of AI into applications, making it a compelling solution for users, especially from non-tech sectors.

The activity of the ICT49 projects aims at consolidating the ecosystem by bringing in a larger user community, especially from the non-tech sector, and by reinforcing the service layer of the platform. 

The projects that resulted from this call are the ICT49 projects AI4Copernicus, AIPlan4EU, BonsAPPs, DIH4AI, I-NERGY and StairwAI. These projects will enrich the AI on-demand platform with new services such as matchmaking, new AI tools, AI solutions in Energy, Earth Observation and more.

The agenda of the 2nd ICT49 webinar