Introduction and Delivery of 2nd Round of Open Calls

The 2nd Round of Open Calls targeted Individuals (age 18 years or older) and focused on citizen-driven social challenges based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies and Earth Observation (EO) Data.

The respective evaluation process concluded to the selection of two successful projects, namely the following:
– ARTEMIS: Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation for monitoring of GHG emitted by landfills
– PAUCHIE: Project proposal against the Urban heat island effect

The citizen-driven societal challenges identified

Through the submitted proposals, the following citizen-driven societal challenges were identified:

  1. Creating Digital Twins of remote territorial areas
  2. Mapping Health Facilities
  3. Monitoring Illegal Fishing
  4. Optimising Air Quality Footprint
  5. Optimising Waste Management
  6. Predicting Economic Recessions
  7. Predicting Fire Risk probability
  8. Predicting Health Risks
  9. Predicting Poverty
  10. Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) in cities
  11. Reducing the overheating of urban spaces (Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect)

Subsequently, the applicants interested in submitting proposals to the AI4Copernicus 4th Round of Open Calls were expected to focus in one (or more) of the societal challenges listed above.

The citizen-driven societal challenges addressed to the 4th Round of Open Calls

According to the proposals received, the following citizen challenges were addressed: